Candles – Setting the Mood for the Holidays

Call it what you want – hurricane, tropical storm, super storm… in any case, it has wreaked such shocking devastation not seen in years on the east coast. I am sending prayers and support to everyone suffering from the effects of this disaster. I can sympathize, since living in the Midwest years ago, I experienced ice storms which pulled trees out by the roots. We survived those days using a gas fireplace, as well as lots and lots of candles. Hopefully soon, power will return to those without and candles will once again be used for ambiance instead of illumination.

Candles take many forms – long and tapered, square, cylindrical, you name it, and different styles of candles and candelabra create different looks for your holiday table. Below are some ideas from this Seattle interior designer’s “inspiration book.”

Mercury Glass is very trendy now.  This antique look gives your table a festive look.

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Mercury Glass Candle Holders by Pottery Barn

This manzanita branch candelabra is gorgeous on a coffee table or as a dinner table centerpiece. Try using colored candles to contrast the silver.

Manzanita Branch Candelabra

Manzanita Branch Candelabra

These pumpkins have a beautiful, distressed hand-painted gold finish.

Pumpkin Candles by Pottery Barn

These are really cool – pins that hold up any size candle. You can vary the heights and shapes for more drama.

Multi Pin Candleholder by Sebastian Bergne

If you need your dining room updated for the season, contact us and we’d be happy to get you “holiday ready!”