Concierge Moves Make Relocation Less Stressful

Did you know that moving is one of life’s five most stressful events? As this Seattle and Bellevue interior designer knows, my clients are both excited and overwhelmed with the move prospect.  So many details to take care of and resources to locate to make their move successful.

Seattle designer takes the stress out of moving

How to reduce the stress of moving?

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Our design firm goes above and beyond by working with Realtors to seamlessly transition folks into their new homes. Here are five key services we offer with many more available.

  1. Not sure your furniture will fit? We create furniture plans for the new house.
  2. Does your new home require renovations? Our team of construction pros can offer consultation.
  3. Our priceless service | move day assistance to direct the movers with furniture placement.
  4. Kitchen organization services means you can enjoy a meal on your first day in your home.
  5. Personalized services remove the stress and ease the transition – what else will help? We can do it.

Faith Sheridan Design Group is your one-call Smooth Move Services magicians. Contact us today! We offer a complimentary 30 minute Skype conversation to discuss our services.