Tips to Add Art Successfully to Your Home

This Seattle interior designer is excited to share that the first Seattle Affordable Art Fair event happens November 8-11. Launched in London in 1999, the mission is to make art buying a welcoming and exciting experience for all audiences. Original, contemporary artworks from local, national and international galleries are your chance to find perfect works for your home or office.

Here are my tips for putting art in your home or office so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

  • Browse art within your community at galleries, local exhibitions and art museums and also as you travel. Hint! the Affordable Art Fair is an excellent place to go.
  • Check out the art on local ‘art walks’ in your neighborhood and start a conversation with the artist and gallery.
  • Pay attention to the art you see in offices, restaurants and homes you visit.
  • Today the internet provides a vast array and source of art worldwide. Whether on museum websites or individual artists sites, you can search to see specific art like photography, abstract, figurative, ceramic and more.
  • Visit places locally that allow you to ‘rent’ art to buy such as museums and galleries.
  • Allow yourself to have an emotional connection to the art you see ~ buy art you love and then find a place to put it. Try art in various locations in your home so the surroundings work with the art you select.
  • Remember that lighting is essential to making art look its best. But be wary of direct sunlight and discuss this with a frame shop to be certain and protect your art purchase.
  • Experiment with how you display your art as placement will increase your enjoyment and satisfaction with your art.

Be sure to attend the Affordable Art Fair which director, Jennifer Jacobs, describes as a ‘museum in the moment’. Get inspired, see displays, ask questions and immerse yourself in art. Here are the details.

Some artists and works you’ll see at the Fair.

Artist Mark Mahosky

Portland OR artist, Mark Mahosky

Alan Ferebee, UK

Angelic Moment

Chung Shek, UK

Marcelo Suaznabar, Toronto

Mouth of Sand

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