Top Holiday Entertaining Tips

Since you are likely to entertain at least once during December, you are probably thinking about how to make your home feel and look its best without spending the money you’d prefer to spend on presents.

When you focus on the “experience” you create for your guests and family, your home will always present its best face.

Top tips for the holidays include doing the extra little things, and here are a few of this Seattle interior designer’s favorites:


  • Swag bag with a $10 Amazon card and a $10 Starbucks card with a two-pack of homemade cookies wrapped in cellophane and tied with a beautiful ribbon for dinner guests
  • For overnight guests, find out their favorite music and download some music to an iPod and have a docking station set up with the music in their room
  • Include a carafe and glass on both sides of the bed

bedside carafe and glass

  • Find out your guests’ favorite flowers and have at least one vase in each of their rooms
  • Get two luggage racks for the closet for easy unpacking and packing (and to preserve your bed covers)
  • Include candles and a lighter in the room

floating candle

  • Include a little basket with snacks like granola bars and fruit in the room
  • Have a hairdryer, extra toothbrushes, and a basket of toiletries in the bathroom including Q-tips, cotton balls and Band-Aids
  • Include a journal for your guests to share their favorite memories


  • You can get a small flat screen TV for hundreds of dollars, and even include two pair of headphones so they can listen without disturbing the rest of the house
  • Have comfy bathrobes and slippers in the closet

fluffy bathrobe

  • If you know their favorite actors, rent a movie or add a few of those movies to your Netflix queue
  • Write a handwritten note to let your guests know how important they are to you
  • Include a map of the area, and even local magazines and a local guide book if your city/town has one

seattle guidebook

Then, enjoy the time with your friends and family. They will cherish the memories of how you made them feel.

Once the decorations are packed up for the next year, make a checklist of what you’d like to enhance for next year. We’re here to guide you in creating your dream home. Contact us for a consultation.

Let me know if you’d like a complimentary My Interior Design Dream Book planning guide as my gift to you when you book a project in January.