Warm and Toasty Walls for a Seattle Luxury Condo

Warm & Toasty on the walls

Warm & Toasty on the walls

Why warm and toasty you might ask? Here in Seattle by late October the days are getting shorter and shorter and that results in dark rooms by 4:30pm. The lights come on in our rooms and we yearn for some sun and light through our windows.

In my current project I wanted to offer a solution to my clients who arrived in Seattle from the Midwest. Plus, I am a huge fan of Benjamin Moore and especially the Color Stories palette. The answer I found was Warm and Toasty CSP-915. You can just feel the cozy aura this hue gives (as Benjamin Moore describes it),”warm and sunny in the summer, comforting and snug in the winter.”

warm toasty fabrics

Color palette inspired by a favorite dress in my client’s closet

Keep on top of trends? The latest one to emerge in color and paint is something called full-spectrum color. It is created from a minimum of five colorants and without the use of black or gray in the mix. The result is richer and bolder color. This Color Stories collection of 240 full spectrum colors offers an unprecedented array of truly unique hues to choose from. “Full spectrum colors are  luminescent. They will look different in different light and at different times of the day. This is part of the beauty and attraction of Color Stories,” says Vancouver-based color expert, Heidi Nyline.

We’d be happy to find the perfect paint colors for you, too. Feel free to contact us for a paint color consultation.