What Do Women Really Want?

Women know this and I know this as a Seattle interior designer. Women are the primary decision-makers in most home decisions. And when it comes to the layout and emphasis of the home’s features, four areas emerge… Where are you in this mix? Or do multiple features attract you?


Homes with options for entertaining around food are important

Kitchens are the main attraction

Adaptable Living Spaces

Blurring the division between rooms in your home is a leading trend

Bridging Two Rooms

De-Stress and Relax

Seattle designer says bedrooms should rejuvenate

Relax and rejuvenate in a peaceful setting

Storage Solutions

Seattle luxury designer says organized closets are a must

Great custom closets are a sweet spot

Here are some observations and comments from my clients to keep in mind:

  • Don’t place the laundry room near the garage entrance. Reminders of work to do and clutter are better out of sight.  And laundry rooms near the bedrooms makes better sense.
  • Instead of a ‘mudroom/laundry’ area consider a well-organized area for shoes, backpacks, mail, keys, etc. that transitions between garage and kitchen and family room.
  • Open kitchens for entertaining need to be clutter-contained.  So pantries are re-emerging that blend pantry with butler’s rooms. Think sink, small appliances, extra dishwasher (drawer?). More ideas for entertaining.

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(Thanks to Architectural Digest Archives for images)

  • Gothic Cabinet Craft

    Just about every home is looking for better storage solutions. As our families expand, so does the amount of stuff we have to contend with! How do you organize it all without letting boxes take over your life?

    • Faith Sheridan

      A professional organizer suggests a twice annual assessment of our stuff. Helps to do this around the seasons. When it’s in a box we can’t see it to make a decision. Diligence and dedication are key. It’s been a cool spring in Seattle so I’m just now evaluating my warmer weather things. That’s when I decide what I won’t keep from my winter wardrobe too.
      Hope this helps. What do you do to contain your stuff?