5 Steps to Your Perfect Sofa

The sofa in your home is priority seating.  Not only is it front and center in your room but those seats (and cushions) command constant use from you, your family and guests. So, how does your sofa suit you? Your lifestyle? Your style? Your home? In a nutshell, life happens on your sofa! This Seattle interior designer suggests there are 5 important considerations when you purchase a sofa.

Comfortable living at home

Hickory Chair ~ Graydon sofa

1.  Love it.  That means choose fabric that says something about you and your style and suits your way of living.

2.  Life happens.  Often it happens on your sofa with your dog/cat, your children, a glass of red wine, popcorn.. make sure you select a fabric accordingly. (Remember that  outdoor fabrics are totally suited for interiors today.)

Colorful outdoor fabric is fun yet durable.  From

Colorful outdoor fabric is fun yet durable. From Coast Fabric.

3.  Imagine (and test) taking a nap on your sofa. Yes, we do this, so plan for those times when sleeping on the sofa is the occasion and make sure it’s long enough, deep enough and comfy.

4.  Fit and scale the sofa to the room.  This is so important to the overall attractiveness of your home. Consider a scale drawing or use blue tape on your floor to see the size of a sofa in the room.

faith sheridan interior design

Lay out tape with the exact measurements of the couch.

5.  Finally, spice up your sofa with accent pillows for color, print and fun.

Faith Sheridan Interior Design

Pillow from Pottery Barn

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