Sofas to Relax and Stay for Awhile


Because Sofas for your favorite  tv shows or that book you can’t put down while you sip wine and snuggle are a

difficult decision..  consider these guidelines


Imagine the Possibilities

Taylor King relaxing sectional

Gray and yellow color and pattern in your decor

Conversational entertaining and your sofa


There is a vocabulary for sofas, did you know? It …

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Sharing Holiday Favorites from Seattle

holiday favorite

I’m sharing my holiday favorites in this blog.. this month is a busy one for this Seattle interior designer

and I have some shortcuts that simplify my holiday decorating.

What a perfect symbol for holiday display and a favorite to remind us of candy canes.

In past December posts, wreathes, mantels and table settings inspired me but this time I’m …

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The Best Part of Interior Design – The Reveal Party!

Yesterday a client asked for a referral for an event planner. She’s planning a party for 30 colleagues. A memory of this event flashed for me. So I wanted to share this post again. I loved planning and participating. As I sent her a recommendation, I decided to repost this blog.. Enjoy!


It was a perfect September Saturday for …

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Small Seats Boost Style, Conversation


Small seats add to conversations

A favorite addition to my interior designs are small seats or ottomans as some prefer to call them. They are powerhorses. As shown in this photo from TaylorKing the colorful teal leather cubes move easily for seats, your feet and for trays with appetizers and drinks.

In a previous post, I highlighted some favorites. But …

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Summer Colors Inspire Interior Design

summer colors

Summer colors inspire my interior design especially watermelons and lemons.

And I want summer to stay inside with me as we meander to autumn.

So where can I use these colors beyond lemonade? and outdoor patio parties?

What fruits inspire you?  These are mine.


The watermelon for color inspiration

Lemons to color your world not just lemonade



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My Penthouse Project Has The Blues ~ Indigo Blue

indigo blue

Loving Indigo Blue ~

It was a year ago I wrote about indigo blue and the enduring allure of blue textiles. “We love our denim so it’s no surprise we also love blue, indigo blue. Long associated with jeans and jackets, blue, especially indigo blue, is trending throughout interior design.  From entire rooms or accent walls, it is a popular …

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Small Spring Updates Add Dramatic Features to Your Home


Using simple updates this spring easily adds some zing to your home.

I have 6 tips that you can readily use to update your space.  Ready to begin?

  1. Rotate or Add to Your Accessories  – you can change seasons with fresh colors and patterns. Choose 1 or 2 accents colors that boost your mood and add them in vases, throws,
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Creative Bedroom Ideas

creative bedroom ideas

Are you ready to get creative? I have ideas for your bedroom. Specifically the end of your bed.

No matter how space challenged, we all have beds and that space at the end is precious. Here are some creative bedroom ideas.

From Elle Decor, chest provides valuable storage

Or perhaps an actual chest put to use for additional items …

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Is Cupid in Your Kitchen?

Cupid in the kitchen

Is there a place for CUPID in your kitchen? I certainly hope so because that’s the place we spend so much of our day. We gather our family and friends for hours each day while cooking and chatting so the ‘cupid factor’ is a vital ingredient of the kitchen.  Each year at the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS),

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Are You Living in a Fishbowl in your High Rise Condo?

high rise condo

Are You Living in a Fishbowl in your High Rise Condo?

Living in a high rise condo is a fishbowl experience. So with the fabulous views, light and so on, how do you make it work for privacy, light control, watching your flatscreen and sleeping? Read on to learn the options to control and manage your high rise condo and …

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