The Lure of Luxurious Restful Sleep with Quality Bed Linens

So much is said about our sleep deprived culture and sadly the impact on our health and daily lifestyles. I think that’s why a getaway vacation at a hotel with luxury bedding is considered such a special occasion. Realistically, these getaways are infrequent, but we could create this luxury, healthy experience very adeptly.  And so this Seattle interior designer presents my favorite bedding company, Sferra.

Seattle interior designer

Luxury and pattern + color

Personally, I believe you anticipate a restful sleep as you look forward to the lure of quality bed linens and a comfortable mattress. Beyond great graphic patterns in favorite colors like the salmon shown, you’ll also find the classics and more color options like an acid green and navy.

I particularly like the selection of table linens from Sferra.  Sometimes this division of the company is overlooked but this image shows the myriad of options for the table.

Fresh look for your table

What a great selection for the table.

No matter where  you live, you can find a store offering you the start of a luxurious, restful sleep with high quality bedding. Treat yourself ~ you deserve a good night’s sleep. And call us for luxurious design in your bedroom 206.973.3743.