Work with Faith


I start every project by asking my client a question, “What’s your 5 Star experience, and how I can help you create it in your home?”

Working with Faith Sheridan Interior Design means discovering what ‘home’ means to you. And once we understand, we go out and design a home, which gives you exactly that, and beautifully.

For over 25 years, we’ve continued to provide fluency in project management. In that same span of time, we’ve developed relationships with the best craftspeople, and product manufactures in design, and we continue to enjoy working with them, today.

Guiding us, in all our designs, is a belief that no matter where we are, every day, we yearn to return to our home, to that one place that feels like us and that renews us. Our design work honors that belief, and we fulfill it in the design for our clients’ homes.

Perfect Functionality, Absolute Luxury, Wrapped in Stunning Beauty.

I design interiors that are tied together in thoughtful and stylish ways. These are spaces that function individually, yet also flow together effortlessly to unify the whole home.


Seattle’s energy of innovation, diversity and pace are distinct and that influences my design. I’m an early adopter, and I love discovery of those new products that improve the way you live, and reinterpret how you see your collections of art glass, fine art or family heirlooms. I’m always seeking ways to create your personal five-star hotel experience in your home, your condo, and/or your vacation home.


The Northwest is so much about food and wine – you can’t not love wine and live in Washington.  I focus on creating gathering areas that enhance my clients’ lives by making entertaining so easy and so enjoyable.  Throwing sit-down dinners for twelve in a condo where the kitchen is the caterer’s domain, or hosting regular family BBQs in a fully functioning outdoor kitchen, my design approach is centered on how the space will contribute to everyone’s maximum enjoyment.


Designing custom furnishings and rugs is a wonderful part of my work.  I love working with clients to create a singular look and feel that comes when something is custom made.  There are other reasons, too…custom living creates a deep sense of comfort, and sitting on a sofa or a chair built to your exact measurements defines luxury. I have a passion for textiles; being barefoot on a rug that combines textures and loops in harmonious perfection, is pure happiness.  And when it’s a fit, I love incorporating the work of the Pacific Northwest’s renowned glass artists, in unexpected ways.


It’s second nature in Seattle to approach design from a sustainability P.O.V.  Our broad sustainable palette is about being sensitive to energy, resources and all the elements around construction including, chemicals that go into paint, carpet, or cabinetry.  And if it’s worth reclaiming or recovering, I will.


Your result…the wonderful home you’ll live in and enjoy, every time you walk inside … is our greatest priority. And expedited services, an accurate budget and getting your job done on time with the least amount of disruption is what we strive to achieve.  We estimate the length of each phase of a project based on our extensive experience. Additionally, our tried and tested team of contractors, subcontractors and vendors, know exactly what we expect, and share our highest standards of customer service, deadlines and quality.


I’m a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), which means I am certified by The National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). NCIDQ is the global leader in establishing standards of competence for interior design/interior architecture professionals; the certificate is the mark of a Professional for interior designers.