Unexpected Art Engages Community in my Neighborhood

Many of you already know that I am an interior designer in Seattle, WA.  My neighborhood, Capitol Hill, is  near downtown. It’s a diverse population in many ways with lots of foot traffic. In the past week I’ve heard lots of buzz about an art installation in a nearby park so I checked it out tonight. Engaging art that’s so accessible invites conversation, smiles and lots of eyes.

Cal Anderson Park was full of families, dogs, music, picnics and folks strolling to see the art. The project is the brainchild of MadArt whose mission “is to support emerging artists in the community, to bring art into our lives in unexpected ways, and to create community involvement in the arts.” I think with this  project they hit the mark.

"Rocket," by Jason Puccinelli, stands 17 feet tall

Alex Hayden's curved, undulated "Park Bench"

Cal Anderson Park enjoys a long history in Seattle too.  My favorite inspiration in the park is the water feature.

Cal Anderson Park is a 7.3-acre park that was recently redesigned and features a fountain, texture pool, reflecting pool, promenade paths, a plaza, playground, wading pool, and sports field. Even a Glee flash mob for entertainment.[youtube][/youtube]