What in the World is Passementerie? Find Out Here

Such an exotic word, passementerie.  French, of course, so we stumble over the pronunciation, (păs-mĕnˈtrē), and wonder what? In my Seattle interior design practice, I absolutely love to use trims. Here are the various types of trimmings and how you can use them. ( All images courtesy of Samuel and Sons)

  • FRINGE – border or edging of hanging threads, cords, or strips

  • BORDERS, TAPES, BANDS – tapes disguise unruly sewing or may join two fabrics

1.5" Border

  • GIMP – disguise ugly staples on an upholstered chair

1/2" gimp is a mainstay

  • TASSEL TIEBACK – Tassel tiebacks offer an alternative and keep draperies secured to one side

Tieback tassel for drapery

Samuel and Sons is my favorite resource for trimmings or passementerie.. Truly they lead in design for trims with a ready inventory for projects. You can custom design a trim if you desire to make a personal statement.  And speaking of statements, the ads placed by Samuel and Sons are showstoppers too!

The ultimate resource for trims-Samuel and Sons

Well-selected appointments, like passementerie,  make a big impact – on pillows, a family upholstery heirloom, lamp shade or custom drapery treatment. Add the personal touch that makes your home complete. Call us today 206.973.3743